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March 17, 2016

Making the Most of the Evenings

Since the girls started to school and I started back to work, our evenings have become pretty hectic.  I do my best to get home by 5:30.  I do quick hugs (and someone usually talks to me while I am on the potty).  I change and heat up supper.  We eat, and we try to squeeze in a quick book or a game before we start our bedtime routine at 6:30.


These past couple of nights, though, we’ve somehow managed to squeeze in a little more family fun.  And it’s been wonderful.

We’re having a magnificent taste of spring this week…sunshine, and highs in the 70’s and 80’s!!!  I’ve gotten away from work closer to 5:00, and I’ve gotten home to play outside with the girls for a few minutes.  B has chosen to ride her scooter, and A and I have played catch.  How wonderful it is to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with my baby girls!!!  We enjoyed lots of laughs…high fives…and hugs.

On Tuesday night, in particular, we somehow had time to play outside…eat a quick supper (leftovers!)…AND play a bit before bed.  Daddy and A played a game of UNO, and B read her library book to me.  We were 10 or 15 minutes later than usual heading upstairs, but the girls were focused on accomplishing their bedtime routine, so we were still in bed by 7:00.

What an incredible difference it makes to have this extra playtime with my baby girls.  

Bring it on, Spring!!!


cat said...

I think it's the worst thing about working and school - less time in the evenings

Marcia (123 blog) said...

So the girls go to bed at 7? That's understandable why you're so rushed!

We get home at 6ish unless I leave early (Spanish days) and the kids only go to bed (well, lights out) at 8. But they are bathed and in pjs when we get home, so that does help too.

Mrs FF said...

How wonderful to get the time together before lights out.
This is the one reason I'm grateful K is still at home, I get home quite late on most days and because there is no need to be up so early in the mornings she gets to spend some time with mommy in the evening before bed