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January 13, 2014

FIFTH Birthday Party...The Sweetest Confections!

For the past couple of years, I've surprised the girls with the details of their birthday parties.  They've known they would have a party at some point following their birthday, but they didn't know when or where.  This year I asked them if they wanted to be surprised again, and they both emphatically agreed that they did.

As we got closer to their birthday, though, they started to get really curious.  "Is my party today, Mommy?"  "Will you at least tell us the theme?"  [Theme???  I am afraid I may have set the bar already!  Yikes!!!]  I reminded them they told me they wanted to be surprised, and I refused to give them any hints.

On Thursday they returned to preschool for the first time since the holidays, as the prior Tuesday was a Snow Day.  I got away with setting butter out to soften on Wednesday night, telling the girls they would be taking goodies for their birthday snack to school with them.  That was true.  ;)

I had invited all their classmates, as well as a couple of other friends (two sets of twins) who were available on Thursday afternoon at 2:00.  I hadn't told any of the parents that the girls' party was a secret, so I wasn't surprised when the beans got spilled at school.

[Thursday night I emailed the preschool teacher to say I hope the party immediately following school hadn't been too big of a distraction.  I know A&B were raring to go when I got to school.  B saw me pass the door and SCREAMED, "Mommy's here!!!!!"  Oops!]

I loaded up the girls (in the sleeting snow!) and took them to the yogurt shop.  They were tickled to see their daddy waiting for them in the parking lot.  That was a surprise!  We walked in to the party room, and I loved the look on their faces upon seeing the decorations.  I wish I had it on video!

They quickly found their place behind the A&B Sweet Shoppe photo booth.

They checked out all the decorations...

...and of the paint-your-own-frame craft table, they asked, "Is this for US?!!!"

Shortly thereafter, Miss Jennifer came to lend an extra set of hands.  The girls didn't greet her very warmly, unfortunately, but I explained they were still a little shell-shocked.  It didn't take them long to log some hugs from one of their first and sweetest friends, though!

All the kiddos had a great time playing around with the ice cream props...and it was pretty stinkin' cute, to boot!  Here they are with our sweet friends, A&E.

After a little run-around time, it was time for candles and cupcakes, which B had been eagerly anticipating!

It warmed my heart how all the kiddos gathered around A&B while we sung, first to A...

...and then to B...

...and a hearty cha-cha-cha was added to the end of each rendition by their eager friends.

Then it was cupcake time!

Following cupcakes, all the kiddos lined up for yogurt.  Our girls usually get vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit, but I let them pick their own toppings since it was their special day.  Both chose "birthday cake" yogurt, which was fitting, indeed.

I could not get enough of all the littles lined up for toppings!!!

Despite what had to be quite the sugar buzz, all the kiddos were excited to paint their frames.  (I primed the frames in white, which allowed them to use [virtually] no-mess paint pens...score!!!)

The afternoon concluded with a lot more playing...and a lot more pictures, of course...although some had to be bribed to cheese for the camera.  HA!

It was such a great celebration for our sweet A&B!  I just can't believe what BIG KIDS they are...

...our little family is so very blessed!!!


Mrs FF said...

I agree truly very blessed family!

What a lovely birthday theme. The picture frames painting is such a lovely idea and the colors just absolutely amazing. Love it!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

So cute! Good job - I bet they were thrilled.

Hope you blow that last family photo up and get it on canvas. It's a keeper!

Double the Giggles said...

Love it all! The photo booth (adorable!), the frame craft (so clever!) and, of course, all the smiles! Happy, Happy Birthday A & B! (Cha-cha-cha!)

Anonymous said...

What a cute party theme! Man time flies! Happy Birthday A & B!!

Nicole said...

What an adorable party!