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December 28, 2013

Pictures from Our Christmas Morn

After a marathon trip to Sweet Home Alabama, we were thankful to have such a wonderful, low-key, family-centered Christmas Day at home.

The girls love the toys they got...they've played and played and played.  It's been simply blissful for us all!

Here is the story of our Christmas Day, as told [mostly] in pictures.

The girls got up to find a very complex marble run!

Moments later, it was in a pile...but that just prompted the girls to come up with their own design.

One of the huge highlights was giving Sasha her gifts...

She LOVES her catnip banana!!!

Sweet sissies, watching their furry sister Sasha playing.

The girls were ecstatic to open their stockings!  New art supplies were a big hit!

And then it was time for a big, yummy breakfast.

My Christmas tree tart and bacon-wrapped smokies...yum!

Opening gifts!

Mommy and her little penguins...LOVE.
My favorite picture of the day!

Sasha loves her new bed, put in her favorite dining room chair, in the sun.

And the rest of our day, and the couple of days since, have looked a lot like this...bliss!

So thankful for a wonderful {continued!} holiday with my loves.


Mrs FF said...


Oh my, first time I've noticed the blue eyes

Charlene Juliani said...

looks like fun and I love those jammies!

Mandy said...

Fantastic! I'm jealous!! Not one of my half hearted attempts at Christmas morning pictures turned out. I'm also desperate to find a simon now for myself! Glad you have had a relaxing holiday.

Deanna said...

Sounds like a fantastic Christmas! I just love the contrast between A's dark eyes and B's blue ones in that picture in front of the tree. Gorgeous!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

You know how much I love pictures. :) Looks like you had a perfect Christmas.

The girls' hair is getting so very long!