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December 8, 2013

Facebook Fodder

I’ve been missing my SUPER STUFF posts for way too long.  I’m getting back on track this week, but first I had to dig through my Facebook archives to capture some of the funnies from the past couple of months.  


Hubby likes to tease me that I'm from the boonies, and the girls think it's hilarious. Out of the blue yesterday, completely of her own accord, B said, "I'm part Booney, and part Yugoslav." Hahaha! At least she's proud of her heritage!

Singing: "Halloween is coming! Trick or treat! Trick or treat! We're going to be CATS!" I made the mistake of letting the girls sample some candy corn. I wouldn't have thought that three pieces would give them a sugar high, but that's the only thing I can figure.

B was explaining something to me, "Well, see, Mommy, that's a different concept."  Her delivery never ceases to crack me up.

We were at the mall today, and they had a bluesy version of "Let It Snow" playing in one store. "MOMMY!!! It's MICHAEL BUBLE!!!" She was beyond excited...even when I told her that other people sing that song, too.

The girls are very into realistic pretend play...I just heard them pretending one of their stuffed cats threw up. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. HA!

Life lessons today. I taught the girls how to clean the toilets, and they are beside themselves with joy. HA!

1.     The girls love big band music.
2.     The girls recently learned to "play" air guitar.
3.     The girls requested big band music this afternoon.
4.     B just said, "Mommy, traditionally I like to dance like this [insert mellow shuffle], but now I like  to dance like this [insert air guitar...although I couldn't pick out the guitar in 'In the Mood']."
5.     I am trying to keep a straight face

B, very pensively: "Mommy...that cookie I just made me feel really good."

The girls were asking how long until supper, and I said five minutes. Husband taught them to clarify, "Five SOUTHERN minutes, or five NORMAL minutes?" HA! For the record, supper will be ready precisely in five SOUTHERN minutes.

And after sleeping in for a whopping 15 minutes, my B said, "Mommy, every time I wake up, it makes me want to go back to sleep." HA! You're welcome to sleep as long as you'd like, my darling!

B: Can turkeys swim?
A, the diplomat: I don't know. If they can, that's good, but if they can't, that's OK.
Never a dull moment.

"And I will dig through the crust, and the mantle, down into the core, and I will hide it and you will not find it." Baby A was taunting Baby B, which warranted a reprimand...but I couldn't help but be kinda proud of how she did it.

It's not yet 8:30, and so far we have talked about the Pilgrims, the American Revolution, the Fourth of July, and why we speak English....the meaning of Christmas and Easter....where coffee comes from and how it's made. Bring it on, Saturday!

We've been reading Christmas books since Friday, and the girls have been drawing the manger scene (as they describe it) any chance they get. They usually draw themselves, with Baby Jesus in the middle. Except sometimes Jesus looks like a cat. I'm hoping it's the thought that counts???

B, of her colored pencils: "I really like these. They're efficient." How so? "They let me color really fast." Makes me laugh.

"I just love the illustrations in this book, Mommy. Even when I'm just looking at them when I'm reading to myself, they're altogether beautiful." Quote, unquote. These kiddos make me smile.

I made turkey tettrazini with our Thanksgiving leftovers. B was very honest, saying, "This is better than I thought it would be." HA! And then A added, "But it makes me sleepy." Oh, well, they both asked for seconds, and their commentary still makes me laugh to think about it.


So thankful for these little tidbits.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I'm actually listening to Michael Buble's Christmas CD right now... as I edit November pics.

LOVE the 5 Southern minutes. We have African time here.... which is anything from 30 mins late to 3 hours later :)

Mrs FF said...

Part booney, part Yugoslav genius!!!! And what is 5 southern minutes, I presume it's similar to our African time.