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October 18, 2013

The Story Behind the Picture

The girls had picture day at preschool on Thursday.  Of course I wanted to make pictures before they had pictures made.  :)

I put them in some dresses I bought at the end of spring, on clearance.  I opened up their new boots, and I got out of the laundry basket the tights we'd shopped for the day before.

The girls loved their ensembles, and they were tickled to tromp around the house for a few minutes in their new boots.  We don't wear shoes in our house, the only exception being when we have brand-new shoes.  I let them take a few laps before we banish the shoes to the garage.

It was a rainy morning, but the rain slacked up enough for us to venture onto our new front porch for our photo session.  The girls cooperated pretty nicely (although B was doing her typical squint, even though the skies were not-so-bright).


It was time to leave for school, so I told the girls they could walk around the front of the house and meet me in the garage.  By the time I got to the kitchen, I could hear B outside.  "Mommy!  Sissy fell and got muddy!"

Wha???  On PICTURE DAY??!!!  I gave A a quick once-over and determined she must have fallen squarely on her knees, muddying her tights.  Thank goodness she wasn't hurt, of course, and thank goodness she didn't get mud anywhere else.

But what to do about PICTURES???

I told the girls to stand perfectly still in the garage while I ran upstairs to their closet to look for more tights. 

No dice.

Fortunately, I remembered the bin of clothes to be donated that was in a random room in the basement.  I was able to find the girls' sweater tights from last year, which I hoped B could still wear.

I had B take off her tights and give them to A.  Last year's tights still fit B well enough.

I was impressed, if I do say so, with my quick thinking.  I think that muddy tights on PICTURE DAY, only 10 days into our New House Venture, might have otherwise sent me over the edge.

This being a couple of days behind me now, my blood pressure having returned to normal, I can finally say HOORAY for Picture Day antics that yielded a funny story-behind-the-pictures.  Hee hee!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Mandy, first of all, I love your brickwork on your house - gorgeous :) And such divine texture for photos...

I would take a close-up pic of the girls with a low f-stop so we get that nice blurry background. OOH YUM!!


I need to write about the photos! I have issues with photo day :)

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

That stuff always happens at our house! Our photos are only taken from the chest up so I make sure their faces are clean, the hair is as neat as possible, and they haven't spilled any breakfast on their shirts. It's the best I can hope for!

Mrs FF said...

Hooray for photo day and mama's quick thinking to save the day!

Love the dresses and the boots, gorgeous.

I see a comparison picture coming out of this when it's time for next year's photo day ;) ;)

Charlene Juliani said...

they look cute and love the boots!

Anonymous said...

super duper cute. :) and good thinking. that's the kind of thing my kids would NEVER go for. they are really good at sharing....but not clothes. i think it is because of mixed sex. ;)

Barbara Manatee said...

First off - super, super, super cute!!! Love the dresses. Love the boots! I bet their pics turned out great! (they're used to smiling for the camera ;-)

As for the story behind it all - I can totally relate! Last weekend, we had our 3 kids' pics taken. As we were getting out the door to leave, the boys were running around in the driveway and Adam fell. Skinned his knee, almost ripped his jeans, scuffed his shoes and said he hurt his foot so bad he didn't want to walk half of the photo session. He was actually still limping a day or two later but is fine now. Thankfully the pics still turned out good!