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November 2, 2016

...On Sharing

We don't eat much candy at our house, and the girls were wide-eyed at the huge haul they were bringing in on Halloween night.

(We only went to 12 or so houses, but the houses are far between and there weren't many kiddos, so everyone seemed to be extra-generous.)

At one point, B looked to me and said, "Mommy, we have so much candy.  I know what we can do for my birthday treat at school.  I can take my candy and each of my classmates can choose one or two pieces."

Her forethought and generosity wowed me.

And then, on Tuesday morning, the girls were going through some of their goodies.  They were talking about the different kinds of candy, what they were looking forward to trying...and which pieces they would give to their daddy.

"Daddy loves Reese's!" my A exclaimed.  "I'm going to give him those!"

Such sweet, thoughtful baby girls!!!


Mrs FF said...

There is love on sharing . Well done mama you are doing a great job

A friend here had a deal with her kids to swap 99% of the candies received for healthy snacks

cat said...

How cute - I do find that my twins share very easily between the two of them but a bit less enthusiastic with everyone else