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October 31, 2016

To Cap Off October...

Oh, October...where have you gone???  More on that later...but I thought I'd at least cap off this BUSY month with our annual Halloween picture:

This is our EIGHTH family Halloween picture!  I LOVE this tradition!!!

And I snapped a few more shots while the girls were suited up for pictures on Saturday...

Showing off their pumpkins!
 The girls insisted on pollinating the flowers!  B later told me she was just pretending..."because my tongue is not that long and it's not shaped like a straw."  Hee hee!

Hubby was hungry and ready to head to lunch...but he managed to capture a glimmer of sun on our back patio.  So sweet!

And lastly, we ventured outside to light our pumpkins on Saturday night.  The girls were tickled to see their creations come to life!

We're looking forward to trick-or-treating with friends tonight!

(And I'm looking forward to getting back to my blog I've missed it!)


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