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April 11, 2016

My (New) Favorite Age

When the girls were smaller, I remember regularly declaring at each new milestone, “THIS is my favorite age.”  It just seemed like things got “better and better”…certainly more “fun”, week after week.

I haven’t uttered that phrase in a long time now.

It’s not because things have suddenly gotten “not-fun”.  I think it’s because the milestones aren’t as easy to see.  There’s much less contrast between 5 ½ and 6 than there was between 2 ½ and 3.

It struck me within the last week, though, what an awesome age 7 is.  It’s such a dear combination of BIG KIDS and precious BABIES.

My amazing girlies are big enough to actually help around the house…and sometimes they even enjoy doing so!  Yesterday they surprised me by setting the table [in almost excruciating detail, no less!].  They love to help manage the grocery list, both ahead of going to the store and while we’re shopping the aisles.

We can have some really in-depth conversations with the girls.  We talk (at an age-appropriate level) about politics and race and gender.  Their questions and comments amaze me quite often. 

(Last week I told my A that her comment was very evolved…and then I asked her if she knew what that meant.  “Changing slowly over time?” she mused.  HA!  YES!  Although there’s a twist to the way I used the word.)

And the girls love to play with words, too.  I asked for help in the kitchen this weekend, I was answered by, “I’d be delighted, my lady!”  Hahaha!!!

The girls read ALL THE TIME.  B, in particular, is in the biographies.  (Just over the past couple of weeks, she's read the likes of Louisa May Alcott, Thomas A. Edison, and Frederick Douglass!)  And the girls love to write, too.  They love to journal about what we did in a day.  It’s pretty incredible to read their perspective!

On the other hand, though, my BABIES still love to cuddle in my lap.  They lavish me with affection.  “You’re the best mommy in the world!  I could hug you and kiss you forever!

They play pretend – like when they made an old-fashioned “train” of barstools [just like when they were three!] – and they love their stuffed babies.  I even see them cuddle their baby dolls from time to time.

So…seven is in contention for my favorite age.  It’s a look ahead to the amazing things to come…and a glimpse back at the same time to the sweet little girls of yesterday.

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