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January 23, 2016

A Birthday to Document

(This post may be late, but the girls' birthday celebration was not!)  :)  The girls' birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, so we celebrated as a family the Sunday prior.  Going back to their first birthday, I like to document the day play-by-play, and I can only capture so much when they're in school.

So...two days prior to turning the big's how our babies spent the day!

The girls requested French toast with homemade syrup.  I made strawberry syrup, and it was delicious!

Four thumbs up!

After breakfast, the girls did a little reading with Daddy...

And then it was time to open gifts!

The kitties even helped.  :)

The girls got lots of new books!

And they had to dig in right away...

After the girls each consumed a book, they each started building a wooden model they got.

Can you see me now???
 Baby A was super proud of her helicopter!!!

And B loved her tyrannosaurus rex!

 After their models were complete, the girls got an envelope to open.  It was full of clues...

...which ultimately spelled, "GET DRESSED WARMLY AND GO LOOK OUTSIDE".

To the girls' delight, they found SCOOTERS!!!  And we were incredibly lucky we had not-too-freezing weather to enjoy them!!!

The girls worked SO hard learning to balance...

After lots of concentrated practice, we decided to break for lunch.

We planned to go to Yuki for our traditional birthday sushi...but we didn't realized they were closed for lunch on Sundays.  We went instead to the Bistro and had a wonderful lunch.  The girls even got to enjoy a very special dessert!

After some much-deserved "quiet time" that afternoon, we donned our coats (it somehow seemed colder!) and got in some more scooter practice.

It was incredible how, after that little break from the morning, the girls seemed to pick right up and be able to RIDE!!!

They posed like this themselves!
We all had a wonderful day, celebrating SEVEN.

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Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Cam and Gray got the exact same scooters for Christmas! Cam has red and Gray has blue. I wish we lived near you so our littles could form a little scooter gang. ;)