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October 21, 2015

Vacation Fun...Part 2!

...and the continuation of our [awesomely long] list!...

Feet in the sand!!!
·         The girls sharing dessert.  At the Mexican restaurant the first night, they ordered different desserts.  They each had eaten about half, and they both agreed – of their own accord – to switch.  It was so sweet!!!
·         Seeing a school of fish.  The girls were ecstatic to see a school of the tiniest fish in the ocean.  They squealed with delight!
·         Starbucks.  (OK.  This is from Mommy’s list.  And I felt pretty guilty about it…being at an amazing archaeological site and having Starbucks.  But I did.  And it was good!!!)
·         Our favorite waiters.  Mr. Alejandro and Mr. Angel were so kind to us!
·         Handstands in the pool.  Baby A has become the master!
·         Speaking Spanish.  Right away the girls started saying pleasantries in Spanish.  They greeted EVERYONE with 'Hola!'  And they would be downright offended if the greeting wasn’t returned.  And on Day 2, one of the girls remarked, “Every time you say, ‘Gracias!’, someone says ‘De nada!’”  HA!
·         Hammocks.  The girls couldn’t wait to try the gorgeous hammocks at the resort.  They giggled with delight!
·         Hot tub.  The girls were taken over the hot tub, which we could see from the balcony in our room.  They were tickled to get to try it out one afternoon for a few minutes!
·         Taking the steps.  We were on the fourth floor, and we took the steps up and most almost every time.  We often counted the steps – in English, or Serbian, or Spanish – as we conquered each flight.
·         CRABBY-GRABBY!  In the shallow pool, we had fun “walking” on our hands and feet “like crabs”.  One day the girls made up a game.  “I’m Crabby!”  “And I’m Grabby!”  They were chasing me.  I told them if I were the human, and they were the crabs, that I liked to eat crab legs.  We had so much fun trying to get each other!
·         Reading!  The girls read SO much during our vacation!  They read on the plane and during “quiet time” in the hotel.  I know they each read two full chapter books!
·         Math games.  The girls love playing math games, and being on vacation was no exception.  It’s a great way to pass the time!
·         Quick to sleep.  The girls were incredible troopers, going strong all day long…but by bedtime, they were OUT!  Often I didn’t even get our bedtime story read…and occasionally I was still brushing #2’s teeth and #1 would be snoozing already.
·         B sleeping on Mommy’s arm.  Baby B went to sleep on the ride back from Tulum.  I haven’t had a sleepy baby on me in a long time, so it was quite the treat.
·         “Guards”.  Hubby first noticed that there were “guards” everywhere.  I don’t know if that’s really what they were, or if it was just the “off” season and not everyone had something they had to do, but we could usually spot someone standing perfectly still, looking from side to side.  Hubby and the girls did a great imitation!
·         Guacamole.  At our favorite restaurant, they would bring a small dish of [what seemed to us like] mashed avocado.  We asked our waiter if he could make some “real” guacamole.  He did – a big bowl! – and it was delicious!
·         Mojitos.  I was a little taken aback when one of our waiters brought the girls tiny “mojitos”.  They didn’t have alcohol, of course, but ACK!  We only drink water and milk!!!  I decided to chill out, and they sure enjoyed their miniature treat.
·         “Black fish, no good.”  We got into a farm-to-table conversation with one of the waiters.  He made the comment, “Black fish, no good,” which Hubby hung onto as a catch phrase.  He and the girls are still giggling about it.
·         Meeting new people.  We met some super-sweet people.  There was one couple from Tennessee whom we kept seeing.  They remembered the girls’ names, and were so kind to them.  That definitely added to our trip!

·         Fun with Spanish.  The girls know “poquito” means “a little”, and – of their own accord – they tried to call me “poquito mamica” [little mommy].  HA!  And we had fun adding “-rito” to each of our names as a diminutive.  Hee hee!

So many fun family memories!!!

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

Such fun! I'm so glad you guys got to go!