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April 17, 2010

An Age-Old Philosophical Question

I’m so thankful that I decided to use baby sign language with the girls. It’s just amazing for them to be able to “talk” to me.

In addition to some of the more basic signs, the girls have a solid vocabulary of things around the house…things we see and hear quite often. They love to name animals we see in the backyard and things we spot on our walks.

Of all the signs they know, “airplane” seems to be their favorite. We live near a small airfield, so we have planes flying over several times a day. No matter what the girls are doing…eating, drinking, laughing, crying, or playing…they will immediately stop and stick their little arms out to their sides at the first sound of an airplane. And it’s all the better if we happen to be near the window – or better yet, outside – so we can see the airplane, too!

Their dogged determination at signing “airplane” begs a question in my mind:

In the spirit of “if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there, does it make a sound”…”if an airplane passes and the babies are in their cribs, maybe settling into or just waking up from a nap, do they stick their arms out?

…makes me wish we had a video monitor.


Renae said...

We also used sign language with our twins, and I am so glad that we did. Buba didn't pick it up as easily as Tiny did (mostly because of some OT issues with fine motor), but even just knowing the basics, like more, all done, and milk were really helpful in communicating with them. Now that they're two, they're talking so much and picking up new words and phrases everyday. We don't do as much signing as we used to and I kind of miss it. I try to slip new signs in when we're singing songs they love. It's so cute watch them sing and sign.

Sonora said...

I have been such a slacker on the sign language thing with my other kids. I wanted to do it but somehow never made it. I will have to do better with my boys. They are 8 months old today so I guess I better get going.
My toddler loves airplanes too. It was so funny to read your description because she is the same way. No matter what she is doing she will stop and point and excitedly say AIRPLANE. Then a few moments later she will say Bye Bye. She does it every time. :)

Unknown said...

ha! what a funny thought!!! We've used sign language with all 3 of our kids. My brother used to tease me with the twins that they were so good at using sign, that they'd never talk (no worries there...ha!). Now, Adam, 15 months, has a growing vocabulary. His favorite signs are book and dog - oh and milk! - 3 of his loves!!

Thanks for stopping by today!