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February 13, 2018

A Full Day, You Might Say!

{This post was written LAST weekend.  Proof that I can write...and then get lazy about pressing the PUBLISH button.  I'm trying, Y'all!}

Towards the end of the day yesterday, we began to recount all we'd done and accomplished.

- Worked on school projects.

- Daddy went to the hardware store and got a $7 gadget to fix the garbage disposal.  SCORE!

- We at lunch at allow us time for afternoon activities.

- We left the house at 11 to drop off one car at the dealership.

- We went to the university and dropped off the girls for their first Super Saturdays class.  They were a bit nervous, but super excited!

- After their classes, we went downtown to enjoy a chocolate and a cookie were well-deserved!

- We picked up the car at the dealership and all headed home.

- 30 minutes of Quiet Time was well-deserved by this mama!

- We got dressed in workout gear and the girls and I headed to the climbing gym.  We were super disappointed when we arrived to see it was jam-packed.

- We buckled back in and decided to knock out our grocery shopping...sans list!  Living on the edge, I tell ya!

- We picked up boiled shrimp at the grocery and came home to that for dinner.  Easy-peasy.

- We hung out with the cats in the den uncharacteristically was 8PM when the girls went to bed!

WHEW!  No wonder the weekends evaporate!

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